Kids on Fire: A 5th Grader’s Review of Freaky Fast Frankie Joe

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eBook Title: Freaky Fast Frankie Joe
Author’s Name: Lutricia Clifton
Kindle Price: $6.59 as of 3/5/2014
Kids Corner @ Kindle Nation Daily Student Reviewer: Nicole C.
Student Reviewer’s Grade: 5th Grade

Nicole’s Review:
A 12 year old boy named Frankie Joe was happily living with his mom in Lone Star trailer park, but when his mom is caught with a bag of drugs, she is put in jail for 11 months. Because of that, Frankie Joe is uprooted from Texas to live with his dad in Illinois  who he has never met. When Frankie Joe arrives at his new home he discovers that FJ (his dad) has remarried to a nice lady named Lizzie, and that he has four “legitimate” half-brothers. Living with his new family is just too much to stand, so he begins to construct a plan that will take him all the way home to Texas on his bike. Along with all the thing he needs to make is escape successful, money is by far the hardest. So he decides that he will run a delivery business called Frankie Joe’s Freaky Fast Delivery Service. As his business takes off, he starts making new friends with the people he delivers for. He also meets a new friend named Mandy at school. So as you can see his life in Illinois is getting better but that still doesn’t stop him from wanting to escape back to Texas. But his planed escape is destroyed by a heartbreaking betrayal, and causes him to shut himself up in his room. Frankie Joe needs the support and care of his family and friends to get him through his devastating loss.

Entertainment Value:
What I liked in this book is the characters because they were explained well and could really visualize what they looked like how they spoke. My favorite character was Ms. Peachcot who made make-up for a company named Nova, and she was one the people that Frankie Joe delivered things for.

Educational Value:
The book gave little bits about farms, and things that farms usually have because Frankie Joe went to a farm with his dad. Instead of having Frankie Joe just run away on his bike the book was realistic and named the items he needed to survive on his trip back to Texas.

Teacher Name:
Julie Treadwell


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