Free App Of The Day Is Dropchord, A Very Unusual Music And Rhythm Game

Dropchord (3.5/5 stars, all ages, FREE today only) is today’s Amazon Free App of the Day, and while some reviewers don’t care for this very unusual, musical app, fans of musical games like Elite Beat Agents or Rhythm Heaven should definitely give this one a try. From Amazon:

Dropchord is a music-driven, score challenge game with mesmerizing visuals and an original electronic soundtrack! Influenced by music visualizers and score attack arcade games, Dropchord is an original experience that’ll test your dexterity while providing endless fun! Do your fingers and ears a favor– get Dropchord!!

• Use your fingers to manipulate a beam crossing the extent of a circle. Dodge scratches while you collect notes to progress to the next track!

• Ten original, full length electronic tracks stream seamlessly to create an endless DJ set!

• “Standard Mode” challenges you to a level-based experience, introducing new game mechanics as the music progresses!

• “Full Mix Mode” provides an endless experience with a steadily increasing difficultly!

• Leaderboards save your personal high scores for competition with your friends and younger self!


Dropchord: Get it today, while it’s Amazon’s Free App of the Day!


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