Kids on Fire: A 5th Grader Reviews The Outcasts: Brotherband Chronicles, Book 1

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Andrew’s Review:

This book is based in Skandia. It is a sequel to the book series Rangers apprentice.

Hal who is the main character is almost 15and is about to go into brotherband training.

He is going to have to live with the people  in his group for three months. They are going to do challenges and practice with weapons so that he can become a sea wolf. A sea wolf is a sea raider who is on a boat of about thirty people. This boat is called a wolf ship.  So on the day when brotherband training starts he and his best friend Stig don’t get picked along with six others they form the 3rd brotherband. The other two are faster and stronger. They compete in races, wrestling, keeping things neat, and navigation.

Entertainment Value:

I think that this book is entertaining because of the competitions and sword drills. I also like the ending.

Educational Value:

This book is educational because it teaches you about ships and how they work and make adjustments.

It also makes you appreciate motorboats.

Teacher Name: Julie Treadwell


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