Instant Video Bargain Alert: Marvel Superhero Movies At $7-$8 To Own

For a limited time, the following Marvel superhero movies are on sale for just $6.99 – $7.99 to own in Amazon’s Instant Video Store. Note: all descriptions are from IMDB.

X-Men (PG-13, 4/5 stars, closed captions available, currently priced at $6.99)

In a world where both Mutants and Humans fear each other, Marie, better known as Rogue, runs away from home and hitches a ride with another mutant, known as Logan, a.k.a. Wolverine.

Charles Xavier, who owns a school for young mutants, sends Storm and Cyclops to bring them back before it is too late.

Magneto, who believes a war is approaching, has an evil plan in mind, and needs young Rogue to help him.
– Written by Film_Fan


X2 (PG-13, 4.5/5 stars, closed captions available, currently priced at $7.99)

Several months have passed since The X-Men defeated Magneto and imprisoned him in a seemingly impregnable plastic chamber. One day, a mutant by the name of Nightcrawler infiltrates the White House and attempts to assassinate the president, setting off a chain reaction of anti-mutant measures by the government.

Meanwhile, Logan is trying to discover his past. As scientist named William Stryker discovers Professor X’s secret school and Cerebro, Magneto’s partner, Mystique, is planning to break her leader out of prison.

But when Professor X’s school is attacked by Stryker’s forces, Logan, Rogue, Iceman and a few are lucky to escape. Those who remain meet in Boston, where they form an uneasy alliance with Magneto to stop Stryker and rescue Professor X.
– Written by John Wiggins


X-Men: The Last Stand (PG-13, 3.75/5 stars, closed captions available, currently priced at $7.99)

When a cure is created, which apparently can turn any mutant into a normal human being, there is outrage amongst the mutant community.

Whilst some mutants do like the idea of a cure, including Rogue, many mutants find that there shouldn’t be a cure. Magneto, who still believes a war is coming, recruits a large team of mutants to take down Warren Worthington II and his cure. Might seem easy for the X-Men to stop, but Magneto has a big advantage, which Wolverine doesn’t have.

Jean Grey has returned, and joined with Magneto. The Phoenix has woken within her, which has the ability to destroy anything in her past, even if that ‘anything’ is the X-Men.
– Written by Film_Fan


X-Men Origins: Wolverine (PG-13, 4/5 stars, closed captions available, currently priced at $6.99)

Two mutant brothers, Logan and Victor, born 200 years ago, suffer childhood trauma and have only each other to depend on. Basically, they’re fighters and killers, living from war to war through U.S. history.

In modern times, a U.S. colonel, Stryker, recruits them and other mutants as commandos. Logan quits and becomes a logger, falling in love with a local teacher.

When Logan refuses to rejoin Stryker’s crew, the colonel sends the murderous Victor. Logan now wants revenge.
– Written by jhailey


X-Men: First Class (PG-13, 4/5 stars, closed captions available, currently priced at $6.99)

Before Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr took the names Professor X and Magneto, they were two young men discovering their powers for the first time.

Before they were archenemies, they were closest of friends, working together, with other Mutants (some familiar, some new), to stop the greatest threat the world has ever known.

In the process, a rift between them opened, which began the eternal war between Magneto’s Brotherhood and Professor X’s X-MEN.
– Written by Twentieth Century Fox


Fantastic Four (PG-13, 3.5/5 stars, closed captions available, currently priced at $7.99)

Reed Richards is a brilliant scientist who along with friend, muscle-man Ben Grimm seeks funding for a experimental space mission to study cosmic radiation, from rich and powerful businessman Victor Von Doom. Agreeing, Victor sets up a space station in orbit around Earth for Richards to begin his experiment. Joined by cocky Johnny Storm and his sexy sister, Reed’s ex girlfriend Susan who is Victor’s girlfriend, Reed and Ben arrive on the space station to begin the experimental space mission, which goes wrong, when they exposed to a cosmic radiation which alters their D.N.A. Returning to Earth, they find the cosmic radiation has given them superhuman powers.

But the disaster of the space mission has caused Victor to go bankrupt and he vows vengeance on Reed, where he bids for world domination and sets out to get unleash hell by using his powers by controlling electricity that are slowly turning his skin into metal. With Victor out for vengeance and world domination, Reed, Ben, Susan and Johnny combine their super-powers and become a team of super heroes known as “The Fantastic Four” and are the only ones who can defeat Victor Von Doom and foil his evil plans.
– Written by Daniel Williamson


Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (PG-13, 3.5/5 stars, closed captions available, currently priced at $7.99)

After defeating Von Doom, the Fantastic Four can really enjoy life more. All four are now comfortable with their new powers.

The Thing and Johnny Storm now get along with each other, and Sue Storm is now planning to be Mrs. Fantastic.

Galactus, an evil creature in space, has decided that Earth is it’s new target, and sends the Silver Surfer to destroy it. Reed Richards and his team must now work together to capture this surfer, and even must now team up with one individual who they didn’t expect to help.
– Written by Film_Fan


League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (PG-13, 3.5/5 stars, closed captions available, currently priced at $7.99)

Renowned adventurer Allan Quatermain leads a team of extraordinary figures with legendary powers to battle the technological terror of a madman known as “The Fantom.”

This “League” comprises seafarer/inventor Captain Nemo, vampiress Mina Harker, an invisible man named Rodney Skinner, American secret service agent Tom Sawyer, the ageless and invincible Dorian Gray, and the dangerous split personality of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde.
– Written by Anonymous


Daredevil (PG-13, 3.5/5 stars, closed captions available, currently priced at $7.99)

Fate deals young orphan Matt Murdock a strange hand when he is doused with hazardous waste.

The accident leaves Matt blind but also gives him a heightened “radar sense” that allows him to “see” far better than any man. Years later Murdock has grown into a man and becomes a respected criminal attorney.

But after he’s done his “day job” Matt takes on a secret identity as “The Man Without Fear,” Daredevil, the masked avenger that patrols the neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen and New York City to combat the injustice that he cannot tackle in the courtroom.
– Written by Anonymous



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