Suspense Reading For Under $1.00! Debra Robinson’s 5-Star Sarah’s Shadows (Shadows and Light) – Just 99 Cents on Kindle

5.0 stars – 5 Reviews
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Here’s the set-up:

Sarah can’t believe she’s dead. But apparently she is, because no one can see

or hear her–at least not until her dead brother Jesse shows up! Jesse explains

the mission: to save their father, who’s stuck in this ominous Shadow Land

between life and death–a strange world full of monsters, and

demons. But Jesse has broken the rules to meet Sarah here, and the demons

are sticklers for rules. Now they want their due–Jesse and Sarah.

A twisted Wizard of Oz meets the afterlife, in a new kind of coming-of-age

adventure. Here, the Dark side disguises itself as the Light, and a Fallen Angel

falls for Sarah. Supernatural Romantic Suspense at its finest, Sarah’s Shadows is

the first book of the Shadows and Light series.

5-Star Amazon Reviews

“A very engaging and descriptive story that captures you on paragraph one and sparks your imagination with word pictures into another world. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.”

“Overall, it was a great story. Very emotional and powerful. It showcases an afterlife without making religion a huge part, which is something very tricky and hard to do. I think the book could be popular and hope lots of readers find and read it.”

“Sarah’s Shadows grabs you from the beginning of the book. It is a great study of a middle world of wandering and wondering. You are thinking of why or what or when all through the book. This is a different quest of adventure with an interesting ending too.”

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