Check Out Today’s KFKND Book of the Day on Your Kindle Fire: The Frankenstein Candidate by Vinay Kolhatkar

by Vinay Kolhatkar
4.4 stars – 13 Reviews
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Here’s the set-up:
It’s November 2019, and another U.S. presidential election season approaches.Senator Olivia Allen—brilliant and beautiful—signs onto the Democratic presidential ticket, unaware of powerful forces that seek either to control her or destroy her.

Her opponents are Frank Kenneth Stein, a billionaire who would rather be forthright than President, and Quentin Kirby, the Republican vice president, whose only passion is personal power.

Their bruising rivalry unfolds against a backdrop of national crises. China dumps U.S. Treasury bonds. Iran threatens nuclear attack. Hyperinflation looms and bloody riots sweep the country.

But for Olivia Allen, the greatest perils lie in the corridors of Washington power, as she finds herself a mere pawn in a deadly game of entrapment, blackmail, and assassination.

Can she turn the tables—for the country she loves—to still have a future?

From the reviewers:“Intricate and suspenseful plot”–J. Ducie, Cedar Sky Publishing

“Fantastic read. Could not put it down”–T. Thomas, Indus Age

“A captivating novel”–C. Sudarshan, Indian Link Magazine

“Full of twists and turns”–S. Sabhlok, Liberty Australia

“It tells a great story”–Jon VanZile, Editing for Authors

About the Author:Vinay Kolhatkar has written screenplays for film and television and has extensive experience in the world of high finance. He has a Masters degree in finance (UNSW). He studied creative writing at the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney and screenwriting at ScreenwritingU in LA and at the Story Department, Sydney. After getting increasingly fed up with the inane banalities and rhetoric of political campaigns, he decided to write a satirical thriller exposing such practices in a fictional setting, using his knowledge of story structure, dialogue subtext and page-turning pace which he learnt from film scriptwriting.

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