Kids on Fire: Educator’s Review Of Sleeping Handsome

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Julie’s Review:

Interesting story…spoiled, rich girl given community service and “grows” a heart and conscience. Paige is recruited to read to Zach who has been in a coma after a hiking accident.  At first, she is not so sure on what to do or how to go about reading to Zach.  She certainly does not care for his book collection of the major literary classics.  She stumbles upon his journal and begins reading it and reflecting on her own life and the actions that she takes.  She starts to compare her life to his and reflects on the choices that she has made in the past.  She soon talks to him like her best friend…it has you thinking about what can be actually heard by people that are in a Coma.  She soon finds…nope, not telling you…read to find out …

Education Value: Teaching children to reflect on their actions…Journal writing is a useful tool in and out of the classroom.  You can reflect on the kind of person you are and how you want to be among topics.  You can also use it for a lesson in Bullying…why being in the “popular” crowd isn’t always an easy road and that you do not have to step on people to be liked…this is a lesson for kids and adults alike.

Entertainment Value: Quick, easy read…it is over before you know it.  It is a book that reminds parents what our teens face – situations in school and planning for their futures.  Some of the topics are high school (not that our 7th and 8th graders are not worldly) and I would recommend it for 9th grade and up.

Date Review Filed: 7/24/12


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