MP3 Music Bargains, Whenever You Want Them! Try Our New MUSIC Lists

We’ve added a new item to our categorized, sortable content lists in the menu ribbon above: MUSIC.

Now you can access sortable lists of bestselling MP3 Albums (both free and paid), $5 Albums, music from Amazon’s Artists on the Rise, and bestselling singles (both free and paid) whenever you like!

Just mouse over the MUSIC item in the content menu (all of its links are in red) to open a drop-down menu containing all the new music lists. Click on the list you’d like to view, and then sort it however you like by using the Sort By box at the top of each list’s page (see screenshot below).

Click on the album/single title, image, or ‘buy now’ button to go to that item’s product page on Amazon and, if you wish, click the Buy button there to complete your purchase.



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