Kids on Fire: For School Emergencies, It’s Kindle Fire To The Rescue!

Just this week, I had two occasions where having a Kindle Fire really saved my bacon. Or at least, my kids’ bacon.

The first incident was with my son, who’d transferred to his new high school weeks into the term and had to get up to speed on The Crucible very quickly to keep pace with his new English Literature class. Predictably, our local bookstore was sold out of the book, probably from when all the other kids at his new school had purchased their copies. I could order a copy, but since time was of the essence and a quiz was already looming in the days ahead, that wouldn’t work for my son.

“I bet The Crucible is available in Kindle format,” I thought. And I was right! There are also Cliff’s Notes on The Crucible available in Kindle format, and an Amazon Instant Video of The Crucible, too. The Instant Video is even currently free for Prime members, so we didn’t have to pay anything extra to stream it for his cram session.

Problem solved, and crisis averted!

A few days later, it was my daughter’s turn. She’d left her copy of Call It Courage at school, and needed the book to complete a homework assignment.

All we had to do was login to Amazon and check the Kindle listings, and presto! There was the book she needed, now available to her in a matter of seconds.

Of course, the kids and I have had some talks about personal responsibility and keeping on top of their supplies and assignments, but on those rare occasions when something falls through the cracks and you need an assigned book, Cliff’s Notes or a film adaptation RIGHT NOW, the Kindle Fire can be a lifesaver!

Whether it’s The Great Gatsby, Moby Dick, Number the Stars, Island of the Blue Dolphins or some other literary classic your child has for assigned reading, you can probably get it Kindle edition—and maybe in Audible and Instant Video formats, too!


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