Kids on Fire: MyHomework Is A FREE App To Keep Students Organized

Businesspeople, social group leaders and busy parents use all kinds of productivity helper apps to keep track of everything they need to get done in a day, and increasingly, so do students. The myHomework app (5/5 stars, currently FREE) is a student homework calendar, to-do list, tickler file and class schedule all in a single app. From Amazon:

– Homework Organizer

– Calendar

– Class Schedule

– With a account (currently priced at $1.99/yr), sync to [other mobile devices like] iPad, iPod, Android or the web, and use the Homework Reminders feature

The sync functionality is useful for older students who have a smart phone and a Fire, and want changes they make on one device to automatically sync to the other. Amazon reviewer kiloboom says:

I’m actually a college student using this app. I decided to download this app because if middle school students are using this, then it is fairly simple. The app allows to to input your class schedule then assign your homework to each specific class. There are different tabs that allow you to view your homework based on priority, class, due date, type of homework, etc. For someone who is very unorganized at times, this application is proving its worth and making me not forget about my homework. (Currently using on KINDLE FIRE)

Students from middle school all the way through graduate school will find this app can help them keep tabs on all their classes and assignments. At the younger end of that spectrum, remember that it’s never too early to introduce kids to the many benefits of getting and staying organized with the help of calendars, to-do lists and schedules.

myHomework – currently FREE in the Amazon App Store.


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