Today’s Free App of the Day Is a Winner For Word Game and Logic Puzzle Lovers!

Unolingo: a crossword puzzle with no clues. Sort of like Sudoku meets Scrabble, this is a letter-tile placement game with the added dimension of a logic puzzle. Normally priced at $4.99 (and a bestseller even at that price), this game app has an average review rating of 4/5 stars and today only, you can get it for FREE! It’s also currently bundled with a free, $1 Amazon MP3 store credit, so it’s actually even better than free!

From Amazon:

If you like crosswords, Sudoku, or word games like Scrabble, you’ll love Unolingo. This word puzzle is fun for the daily commuter, the casual puzzler, or the serious word buff, and it’s great for your Android device or Kindle Fire.

Word Up!

Every Unolingo puzzle is a 10 x 10 crossword without clues, with 26 empty squares that require the precise placement of each letter in the alphabet. Select from your choice of four difficulty levels, and use your word knowledge, reasoning, and deduction skills to complete the puzzle.

This release includes our original 20 introductory puzzles, plus 160 word puzzles guaranteed to keep you challenged and entertained for hours. Unolingo puzzles can generally be completed in five to 15 minutes–perfect for when you’re on the go.

  • Series 1 Puzzles: 160 puzzles offering hours of enjoyment
  • Unique hint and audit functions to help you solve the most difficult puzzles
  • Bonus puzzles accessible by sharing your scores and achievements on Facebook
  • Flexible design supports casual play, collaboration with friends, or time-based competition
  • Extensive performance statistics to monitor your progress and compare with others

If you find Unolingo puzzles becoming a new favorite after trying the free app, you’ll want to the additional collections. Each contains 160 new puzzles, and is currently priced at the usual price of $4.99, and two of the three currently come bundled with a $1 Amazon MP3 Store credit.

Unolingo Series 2 (5/5 stars, currently bundled with $1 Amazon MP3 credit)

Unolingo Series 3 (5/5 stars)

Unolingo Series 4 (no reviews yet, currently bundled with $1 Amazon MP3 credit)


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