Kindle Deal of the Day Book: A Kiss Before Dying

Ira Levin’s A Kiss Before Dying is today’s Kindle Deal of the Day Book, being offered at $1.99 for today only. This Kindle book normally sells at $14.99, and has an average review rating of 5/5 on Amazon. It’s also an Edgar Award winner, and comes from the same man who wrote The Stepford Wives, Rosemary’s Baby and The Boys From Brazil.

From Amazon:

A modern classic, this novel set a new standard in the art of mystery and suspense in its exploration of the criminal mind
A Kiss Before Dying not only debuted the talent of best-selling novelist Ira Levin to rave reviews and an Edgar Award, it also set a new standard in the art of psychological suspense. It tells the shocking tale of a young man who will stop at nothing—not even murder—to get where he wants to go. For he has dreams, plans. He also has charm, good looks, intelligence. And he has a problem. Her name is Dorothy; she loves him, and she’s pregnant. The solution may demand desperate measures. But, then, he looks like the kind of guy who could get away with murder.
A Kiss Before Dying: get it today, while it’s just $1.99!


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