App Spotlight: If Golf Is Your Game, These Apps Are For You

Pocket Golf Pro (free, avg review rating 5/5 stars) is a take-along companion to help improve your game. From Amazon:

Pocket Golf Pro puts a golf instructor right in your pocket to take with you on the green. Take a look at these lessons, designed to help you play better golf. This app comes with more than 35 videos for you to reference to improve your game with instruction from real professional, Brian Bobbitt. Brian’s passion and joy comes from sharing his knowledge of the game and seeing the growth and success of his students. Give these instructional videos a try whether you want to fix your slice, hit it farther, or become a better putter.

Brian Bobbitt is a professional golf instructor with more than 25 years experience. He has given more than 30,000 hours of instruction to golfers of all levels, from beginners to European Tour players. Brian graduated from the San Diego Golf Academy and played professionally for nine years on various tours throughout the United States, South Africa, South America, and Europe. He was the Head Professional and Director of Instruction at the Grunwald Golf Park.

Global Golf Post (free, avg review rating 5/5 stars) brings news from the world of golf to your Kindle Fire. From Amazon:

Global Golf Post is the first designed-for-digital weekly golf news publication in the world. It is delivered overnight Sunday, 50 weeks a year, to a global audience, offering a remarkable online experience, much like reading a traditional magazine or newspaper. Global Golf Post delivers what serious golfers want – news, results, and commentary. It is a weekly summary of the competitive game as played the previous week around the world. It is distinguished by its comprehensiveness.

At a time when media coverage of golf is in decline, Global Golf Post “goes deep.” It is the most complete golf news publication in the world, covering professional tours, amateur classics and rising junior stars everywhere. The Post also provides weekly equipment features to keep golfers current on the latest offerings, plus regular travel features that will deliver readers to the world’s top golf destinations. A world-class team of award-winning golf journalists with hundreds of years of combined experience write and edit this magazine. This talented crew knows precisely what super-avid golfers want in a weekly golf publication … and as importantly, what they do not want-Every tournament- Every winner- Every week. And the free Global Golf Post app lets you take it all with you. About Texterity – This application is powered by Texterity, a leader in digital publishing technology, provider of hundreds of online digital publications. Check the App Store for more apps from your favorite magazines!

Golf Like A Tour Pro ($4.99, avg review rating 5/5 stars) is designed to help you master different types of holes and terrains on the course. From Amazon:

This app features professional golfer Kevin Streelman, ranked among the top 100 players on the PGA Tour. Streelman will illustrate exactly how to set up–a key step many golfers struggle with–and execute the shot in the various situations you may face during the round–tee, fairway, rough, bunker, pitching, putting, and more. Video clips walk you through the shot and show you how to do it in slow motion.

With Golf Like a Tour Pro, if you are facing a difficult shot on the course, you can actually see what to do with a few clicks on your phone. It’s great for the driving range, too. Much better than trying to remember what you saw on a video at home or during a lesson a month ago. You may not end up on the PGA Tour, but you can learn how to pull off tough shots and lower your handicap with this high-quality app.

So next time you head out to the links, bring your Fire along!


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