Seesmic & HootSuite For Your Fire – For FREE!

Seesmic (Twitter, Facebook, Chatter, Google Buzz)

Seesmic and Hootsuite are two of the most popular social media manager apps, and now you can get them for your Fire for FREE! Both of these apps are designed to let users access their various social media accounts and sites (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Buzz, TwitPic, Pixi, etc.) in one, centralized dashboard.

About Hootsuite, from Amazon:

Manage multiple social networks on the go with HootSuite. It supports multiple Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare accounts. You can update Twitter, post to Facebook, and check in on Foursquare wherever you are. Upload photos, receive notifications, view click stats, and more. Simple, elegant, and powerful, it even lets you schedule updates.

Reviewer  Drea Hart says:

This app has been great on my Kindle Fire. It does just what I need and more. Thanks a lot!

Hootsuite is rated an average of 4/5 stars across 90 reviews, and it’s FREE!

About Seesmic, from Amazon:

Social networking has become a mixed bag of websites with some unique and wonderful features. Why not combine everything great about your favorite social networking sites into this efficient and sleek app? Seesmic is a great way to manage your social networks in one powerful yet simple app. View and update your Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, and Salesforce Chatter accounts all at once.

Streamline Your Social Life

Search and receive notifications for new messages all on your Android device. You can even share your photos, videos, and location using the service of your choice like Plixi, yFrog, TwitPic, and YouTube. Check out the widget by placing it on your home screen so you’ll never miss a single update from any social service. Whether you use your social networking sites to stay in contact with friends, keep up with the latest news, or both, Seesmic is the app for you.

Social Sharing Made Easy

With Seesmic you can see all of your timelines, view private conversations, and receive instant notifications right on your phone. Share photos and videos with your friends using popular tools such as TweetPhoto, yFrog, TwitPic, and even YouTube. You can even share your location by attaching a Geotag to your tweets. Check out where your friends are by viewing their tweets on a map.

Tap to Tweet

Keep your social stream close and right on your home screen with the Seesmic widget to display your latest tweets and quickly update your Twitter and Google Buzz accounts. Simply tap a tweet to read the entire 140-character message or compose a message and send it out to all of your friends. Seesmic provides the best way to manage your Twitter and Google Buzz accounts in one simple app.

Seesmic is rated an average of 4/5 stars across 299 reviews and is FREE!



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