App Spotlight: Sleepy Time – White Noise From Your Fire!

Sleepy Time
You already know your Kindle Fire can entertain and inform, but did you know it can help you get to sleep, too?

Sleepy Time is a white noise app that will play the background soundtrack of your choice (or mix of up to three at once!) to shut out external noise, help you relax, and make getting to sleep a little easier. This app is rated 4.5/5 stars across more than 160 reviews, and it’s priced at just $1.49—compared to what you can expect to pay for a white noise machine, that’s a pittance. From Amazon:

Sleepy Time¬†offers a wide assortment of audio tracks specially designed to lead you gently into the arms of slumber. You can choose from various sounds including the beach, birds, crickets, and white noise. Once you’ve selected your favorites, download them onto your device and you’re 20 winks to 40. Sleepy Time is also able to mix up to three sounds so you can create your own personalized sleep sound profile.

Sound options include the following. In many cases, there are several different versions of each sound.

Sleepy Time Sounds

Things That Whir, Hum, Chime, Tick, and Tock

Air conditioner, ceiling fan, train, driving, fish tank, highway, clock, microwave, radio static, truck engine, vacuum cleaner, typing, washer and dryer, white noise, pink noise, brown noise, wind chimes, airplane cabin, sprinkler, clothes dryer

Nature Sounds

Waterfall, babbling brook, river, campfire, camping, wind, fountain, distant thunder, thunder storm, rain, beach, river, under water

Wild Things

Frogs, birds, cicadas, crickets, whale, dolphin, purring cat, heartbeat

Other Sounds

Urban noise, farm house, and even snoring

Set the Sleep Timer

After choosing your favorite sounds, set the sleep timer. You can choose increments in minutes or hours. Or, if you feel like sleeping on the beach or are missing your cat while away from home, select the Continuous play option and you’ll hear the soothing sound of waves or purrs all night long. The sleep timer continues to run after the screen turns off.


Sleep well with Sleepy Time.

Whether you struggle with insomnia, travel frequently and need to sleep on planes or in strange surroundings and time zones, or if you live in a noisy area, Sleepy Time is definitely worth a try.


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