It’s Test Prep Season, and Your Fire Can Help

Math Reference
Test prep courses for the SAT, GRE and other college entrance exams can be very effective, and very expensive. Luckily for Fire owners, all the help they need can be bought in the form of apps, all for under $5.

Start with Wag Mobile’s Math Reference for US$1.99. It’s a pretty comprehensive study aid that includes tutorial, quiz and flashcard modes. From Amazon:

…includes details on numbers, fractions, percentage and average, ratio and proportion, rounding, simple and compound interest, functions and graphs, tables and charts, geometry, nets and object transformations, prime numbers LCM and GCM, algebra, statistics, trigonometry, linear inequalities, linear algebra, matrix applications, series and sequences, derivatives, integration, probability, permutations and combinations, measurement conversions, advanced statistics, scientific notation, absolute value, financial math, corporate finance, units, and physical constants, units, math symbols, and more.

Useful for quick and easy access to math formulas.

Now you’ll be needing some help with the Language sections of the test. For that, try Ivy Standard’s Virtual SAT Tutor – Vocabulary ($1.99) and Virtual SAT Tutor – Grammar (free).

If science will be part of the test, throw in the Physics II Calculators app (99 cents) and Socratica’s Periodic Table study and quiz app (free).

Note that the free apps are ad-supported, but they do not “push” ads that popup automatically (and burn through your Fire’s battery that much more quickly). Rather, they include a link to lists of related apps by the same company.


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