Free App of the Day: Kids Paint & Color

Kids Paint & Color
Your kids (or young friends) are in for a treat! Leafstar’s popular Kids Paint & Color app, rated an average of 4/5 stars across 30 Amazon reviews, is today’s Free App of the Day!

From Amazon:

Painting Made Easy

Kids Paint & Color offers a wonderful way to unleash your child’s creative genius. Start painting by choosing a color from a vibrant palette. Then choose an object to color – Kids Paint & Color includes 30 images of animals and

Stay Focused on Your Art

Kids Paint & Color has advanced region detection, which ensures that the paint does not bleed into adjacent regions while finger painting. So if you’re coloring a lion, the paint stays within the lion and does not bleed into the ground or sky.

Watch a time-lapse movie of the coloring process. For painting smaller objects, the pin mode locks the object so you can focus on painting just that object.

Share Your Genius

Share your creativity with the world. Post the paintings on Facebook, or e-mail them to friends and family. The application supports tablets, and all images are rendered in high definition.

Amazon reviewer G. Masterston “Mommy of 3″ says,”My kids love it. Have to admit I was mesmerized for a good 30 minutes to an hour playing with it myself! Purple cats and orange skies — they were challenging each other to push visual limits — Dr. Seuss style :)”

Whether you have children or remember how much fun coloring was when you were a child, give Kids Paint & Color a try!

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