Is Amazon Getting Into The TV Business?

Amazon is already operating its own publishing house, under the imprints AmazonEncore, Amazon Crossing, Montlake Romance and formerly, The Domino Project (in collaboration with Seth Godin). It’s also well-known that Amazon has branched out into film production, with its Amazon Studios program. Could it be that Amazon is now interested in producing television shows as well? On March 6, CNNMoney filed this report:

Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube are pouring resources into original content. Now, Amazon may be, too.

FORTUNE — Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube are all betting big on original content. Now, Amazon may be doing the very same.

At least that is what appeared to be the case for a fleeting few hours March 6 on LinkedIn. Joe Lewis, a new executive with the tech giant based in Los Angeles, briefly listed his title as Vice President of Original Television at Amazon (AMZN). Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment. However, Lewis’ job title changed moments after Fortune‘s request for additional details. He is currently listed as Vice-President, Production at Amazon Studios.

The technology website GigaOm first reported last month that Amazon was looking for executives to shepherd creative projects through development. The company’s Sherman Oaks, California production studio, dubbed People’s Production Company, is tasked with creating original content. In the past, Amazon has dabbled in feature films as well, though it approaches them in an unconventional model based on crowd-sourcing ideas. But the hiring of Lewis this month as well as two job listings last month calling for creative executives to helm comedy and kids series, indicates Amazon wants to try its hand at TV, too.

Hmmm…very interesting. About all that’s left for Amazon to tackle in media is music. Read the full report on CNNMoney.


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