Prime Members: Never Miss Your Kindle First Books Again

It’s your friendly KF on KND Editor April L. Hamilton here, with a tip for Amazon Prime members.

One of the MANY wonderful benefits of Amazon Prime membership is the Kindle First program, which lets Prime members select up to two Kindle books from a choice of four pre-releases each month for FREE! The books pictured in this post are from this month’s Kindle First offerings.

For example: in February, Prime members were shown four books scheduled for a March release and were allowed to “buy” their choice of two Kindle books from that group at no charge. Note: When the program first launched it was only one free pre-release book per month, but as of this writing (3/9/15) the bonus has been upgraded to two per month.

This is a terrific Prime benefit, but many Prime members miss out on the deal from time to time because their monthly Kindle First announcement email is often mistakenly routed to their spam folder.

I’m not going to tell you to add Amazon’s Kindle First email return address to your contacts list because I’ve already tried that, and my monthly Kindle First email STILL ends up in my spam folder sometimes. Fortunately, I’ve found a much better solution.


There’s A Kindle First Page On Amazon

I had to hunt around for it, but yes, Amazon has a dedicated page for its Kindle First program.

Follow this link to the Kindle First page, bookmark it, and then check it at the start of each new month to ensure you never miss another Kindle First deal.


That’s all there is to it!


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