Use Amazon’s New Audible Matchmaker Tool to Find Whispersync For Voice Matches

The Matchmaker tool found the Audible match for this Kindle book I already own, and the Audible add-on is just $1.99 (as of this writing)!

If you like being able to switch back and forth between the Kindle book and audiobook editions of a given book, and being able to pick up right where you left off every time you switch, then Amazon’s Whispersync for Voice feature was made for you.

Now, that feature is even better because Amazon has rolled out a new Audible Matchmaker tool that can quickly scan your existing Kindle book library and present you with a list of matching Audible audiobook editions.

This new tool makes it very convenient to identify which Kindle books in your library have an Audible counterpart, and better still, to easily identify which Audible editions are available at a discount specifically because you already own the Kindle book.

Note that you’ll be prompted to login when you access the Audible Matchmaker tool, which is necessary in order for the tool to scan your Kindle book library. From there, it’s as simple as browsing the listings and clicking on the “Upgrade with Audio” button right on the Matchmaker page. You won’t be redirected to the Audible site.

When I went through this process myself, I was happy to see that many of the matches found for my library were priced between $2 – $5, and there were even a few that were totally free!

Another great detail of this tool is that if you mistakenly click on the ‘Upgrade with Audio’ button for any of the books shown, right on the order confirmation page there’s a “Didn’t mean to order? Click here to cancel” button!

Why not give the Audible Matchmaker tool a try? It costs nothing to use, it’s very quick and easy, and you never know what audiobook bargains you might find!


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