How To Use Our Categorized, Sortable Lists On Your Kindle Fire

One of the most popular features of Kindle Fire on Kindle Nation Daily is our categorized, sortable lists of content: Kindle books, Audible audiobooks, apps, games, Kindle Newsstand content and Amazon Instant Videos. These lists make it simple to find the specific type of content you’re interested in, whether paid, free, or free of charge to Amazon Prime members.

Probably the best way to make use of our lists is right from your Kindle Fire device, but the Fire touchscreen can be very sensitive and may not always “know” what you’re trying to tap on a content-rich site like ours. Here’s how you can go from finding to using your selected content in a snap:

1. Turn on your Fire and tap the Web menu link.

2. Bring up in the Fire’s browser.

3. Zoom in on the screen to make it at least double the normal size. Zooming on the Fire is accomplished by touching your thumb and forefinger to the screen simultaneously, then moving them outward and away from one another.

4. Use up, down, left and right swiping motions as needed to navigate to the specific list you want, then tap to open it. Use the Rent, Buy, Download and Subscribe buttons in each list to download or stream the content you want and start using it immediately!

Tip: Finding Free Newsstand Content

The Newsstand lists contain both free and paid blogs, magazines and newspapers. To find free content, go to the specific category of interest and then sort by Price. Free items will appear first in the sorted list.

Tip: Amazon Prime Members

Be sure to take advantage of our Kindle Prime Lending Library book lists and our Prime Instant Video lists — anything you find on these lists is available free of charge to you!

Kindle Fire at Kindle Nation Daily is happy to bring you these handy lists, and we think you’ll agree they make it a lot easier to find the specific content you’re looking for.  All our lists are updated throughout each day, so check back frequently for new additions—and please tell all your Fire-owning friends to stop by, too!

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    • Just long-tap the icon for the book’s cover, then select “remove from device” from the pop-up menu. Note that the book will still remain in your library in Amazon’s cloud, so you can download it to your device to read again anytime you like in the future.

    • wish i had a kindle fire to read on some of the books i get go to mobie,my old kindle and my ipad. i never know which one but i uselly have 3 to 5 books reading depending on which i pick up first. now that’s an eventure in reading.

  1. I`ve just received my Kindle Fire HD 8.9 how do I know if I received the AT&T package for $49.99 for the year I called At&T they no nothing about the package deal

    • The special package Amazon has worked out is not something you sign up for at an AT&T store, you sign up for it on the Fire 4G LTE during the registration/set-up process on the device itself. Though you should also be able to contact AT&T customer support if you experience any difficulties with this. Alternatively, you can also contact Amazon’s Kindle Support team by going to the Help pages, clicking on the Contact Us button and using the ‘Call’ option to speak to someone in that department.

  2. I use to come here a few years ago and enter daily to try and win a Kindle Fire and I have come back looking for the form to try again but I can not find it! Please can someone help me…
    Thank You!

    • We’re not running any giveaway promotions at the moment, but there are a lot of discounts on the Kindle Fire and Fire HD running on Amazon right now, because new models are slated for release in another couple of months. See this post for more guidance on making the decision between buying one now, at a discount, and waiting for the new models.

  3. I was getting e-mails from Book Gorilla but something happened and I don’t receive them anymore. I would like to start receiving them again! My e-mail address is below. Cecelia Manno

    • Hi Cecelia and thanks for your comment! I just sent a re-activation email to your yahoo address. Let us know if you have any further questions!
      KND & BookGorilla


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