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The Queen of the Night battles the Queen of the Sun over a magical diamond that will allow the winner to remain on Earth, specifically in modern day Paris....
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Duelle (English Subtitled)
Directed By: Jacques Rivette
Starring: Juliet Berto, Nicole Garcia
Released: 2016
A mysterious man climbs out of a hole, takes a cab to London and assumes the identities of people he encounters....
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The Nine Lives of Tomas Katz
Directed By: Ben Hopkins
Starring: Tom Fisher, Toby Jones
Released: 2017
When three young Irish boys venture through one of Belfast's notorious separation walls, they encounter a mysterious woman named Yung Hee. Through animated flashbacks, Yung Hee takes the boys on a journey back as she recounts her escape from her native country: a brutal, totalitarian state called...
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The Wall
Directed By: David Kinsella
Starring: Yuna Shin, Jin Han Pak
Released: 2018
Newly restored and remastered from original vault elements, this handmade stop-motion fairy tale tells the tale of the struggle between the aristocratic White Mice and the rustic Creatures Who Dwell Under the Oak as they battle to possess the doll of their heart's desire....
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Blood Tea and Red String
Directed By: Christiane Cegavske
Starring: Christiane Cegavske
Released: 2017
Always Will
Directed By: Michael Sammaciccia
Starring: Mark Schroeder, Noelle Meixell
Released: 2017
Born Of Fire
Directed By: Jamil Dehlavi
Starring: Peter Firth, Peter Penry-Jones
Released: 2016
UFOTV Presents: Aztec 1948 UFO Crash
Directed By: Paul Kimbal
Starring: Scott Ramsey
Released: 2016
Storm Rider: Clash of the Evils
Directed By: Dante Lam
Starring: Nicholas Tse
Released: 2016
The Christmas Switch
Directed By: Paul Lynch
Starring: Natasha Henstridge, Brian Krause
Released: 2016
Dark Prism
Directed By: Dylan Mars Greenberg
Starring: Lloyd Kaufman, Mac DeMarco
Released: 2016
Dr. Strange
Directed By: Jay Oliva
Starring: None listed
Released: 2007
Eyes Wide Shut
Directed By: Stanley Kubrick
Starring: Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman
Released: 2006
The Exorcist III
Directed By: William Peter Blatty
Starring: George C Scott, Ed Flanders
Released: 2016
Drop Dead Fred
Directed By: Ate de Jong
Starring: Phoebe Cates, Rik Mayall
Released: 2016
An addict ex-politician whose life has spiraled out of control finds redemption when challenged with keeping his sister-in-law and niece alive during the apocalypse....
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Jack's Apocalypse
Directed By: Will James Moore
Starring: Dave Maldonado, Jamie Tisdale
Released: 2016
Directed By: Gravy
Starring: None listed
Released: 2016
Based off the original tale by Hans Christian Andersen, Little Mermaid tells the story of a young mermaid (Rosie Mac) leaving the sea for a human (Michael Murray) that she's watched from afar. When everything isn't as it seemed, she must find her own way. After getting a job dancing at a club and...
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Little Mermaid
Directed By: Matt Martin
Starring: Rosie Mac, Matt Martin
Released: 2016
Stage magician The Amazing Corso uses the power of hypnosis to take the audience to the pyramid of mars. A surreal short from director Jerry Williams. 8 minutes...
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The Amazing Corso and the Pyramid of Mars
Directed By: Unavailable
Starring: BruceStrange
Released: 2015
Freddy's back in the update of Wes Craven's classic tales of the hideously disfigured dream-stalker and his prey....
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A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)
Directed By: Samuel Bayer
Starring: Jackie Earle Haley, Kyle Gallner
Released: 2012
Directed By: Franklin Vallette
Starring: Brandy Davis, Taimie Hannum
Released: 2016
The story of a young Appalachian girl who has lost her way amidst her mythical family, and the obstacles she must hurdle to find it....
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The Hollers
Directed By: Thomas Mendolia
Starring: Cheryl Koski, Michael Tourek
Released: 2016
Hell's Labyrinth
Directed By: Drew Maxwell
Starring: Leah Rose, Adrienne Rusk
Released: 2016
12-year-old Billy fantasizes about having enough money to treat his grandmother's serious heart condition. So when he stumbles into a haunted house and the mysterious owner grants him his wish of The Midas Touch, Billy thinks he's found the solution to his problems. But he soon learns that turning...
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The Midas Touch
Directed By: Peter Manoogian
Starring: Trevor O'Brien, Ashley Tesoro
Released: 2016
666: Teen Warlock
Directed By: David DeCoteau
Starring: Hilary Shepard, Jason Faunt
Released: 2016
The story of the other love affair on the set of Hollywood's most expensive film of ist day. Against the backdrop of the famous love affair of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, a young woman finds herself behind the scenes during the final days of shooting the epic blockbuster Cleopatra in 1963....
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A Short Epic About Love
Directed By: Josephine Halbert
Starring: Aiste Gramantaite, Rhodri Miles
Released: 2016
Same Reason Same Way
Directed By: Cresnights
Starring: None listed
Released: 2016
Dungeon of Desire
Directed By: Racehl Gordon
Starring: Regina Russell, Mia
Released: 2016
Veronica 2030
Directed By: Gary Graver
Starring: Julia as Veronica , Stephanee Lafleur
Released: 2016
Timegate: Tale of The Saddle Tramps
Directed By: Dan Golden
Starring: Amy Lindsay, Kim Yates
Released: 2016
Zorrita: Passion's Avenger
Directed By: Madison Monroe
Starring: Shauna O'brien  , Nancy O'neil
Released: 2016
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