The Sun Wolf has become humanity’s only hope for survival… Sun Wolf (Space Unbound Book 2) by David Jeffrey

Sun Wolf (Space Unbound Book 2)

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Here’s the set-up:

Year 2218. For fifty years after their discovery, the voidoids—eerie neo-quantum portals into nearby star systems—have enabled the human race to expand within a 36-light-year radius from Sol, but for unknown reasons not beyond. Exploration of Bound Space has provided valuable resources for restoring Earth’s dying biosphere and for salvaging Martian terraforming projects. It also led to the greatest treasure of all—the discovery of Silvanus, the only other habitable planet known to exist in Bound Space, a living Gaia inhabited by an ancient global intelligence.

But the voidoids are becoming unstable, fluxing in and out of existence, threatening humanity’s future survival. No one knows why the fluxes are happening, or who is behind it, but one thing is for sure: if all the voidoids shut down, not only will humanity be locked out of Bound Space forever, but the Big Rip will be set in motion, a cosmological catastrophe of runaway dark energy that will tear the fabric of Bound Space apart—everything from atoms to planets to stars, including all organic life. It will happen soon and will happen fast, unless someone can stop it.

That someone will have to be Aiden Macallan, the reluctant hero of the Chara Crisis, discoverer of the alien intelligence on Silvanus. He’s been given command of the UED’s most powerful voidship, the Sun Wolf, and tasked with solving the mystery of the voidoids and ultimately saving the human race from certain annihilation. Unbeknownst even to himself, Aiden may be the only human being alive with the unique gifts to actually pull it off. Accompanied Dr. Maryam Ebadi, the renown quantum astrophysicist from the Cauldron, and Colonel Victor Aminu, a rigid and deeply suspicious government agent, Aiden and his hand-picked crew set out to investigate the only clue they have so far: the sighting of a mysterious vessel in the Alpha-2 Hydri system, out on the Frontier, attempting to disrupt the system’s voidoid.

But someone is trying to stop them, someone following from the shadows, attacking at every step of the way. Someone who just might want the destruction of the voidoids to proceed. Now, in a race against time and malevolent forces, light-years from home, the Sun Wolf has become humanity’s only hope for survival.

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