There’s only so many new experiences a wallflower can have and falling in love with a man is not one… Once a Wallflower, Always a Wallflower by Samantha Holt

March 4, 2019

Once a Wallflower, Always a Wallflower (The Inheritance Clause Book 3)

by Samantha Holt
4.5 stars – 4 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:

The Templetons have inherited a fortune but there’s a catch…

Minerva Templeton has a reputation for being, well, something of a recluse.
A wallflower, if you will.
However, due to her grandfather’s demands, all that must change. She must travel to the wilds of Scotland to fetch a mysterious something. Minerva cannot fathom why she should be the one to have to bring home this object but if she does not, their grandfather’s fortune will go to a most underserving man.
So off she sets to Scotland where she must brave all manner of awful things—things this wallflower avoids at all costs after a traumatic experience as a child.
But after the death of her beloved Grandpapa, she cannot help wondering if she should be brave. Bolder. Try new things.
Like meeting a handsome Scottish farmer turned wealthy landowner.
Like kissing him perhaps?
Like falling desperately in love with the brooding, wonderful man?
No, that’s a few too many new things. After all, there’s only so many new experiences a wallflower can have…

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