2-in-1 Bestseller BOXED SET ALERT from a beloved author: Two classic stories of finding love where you least expect it! Looking for a Hero by Debbie Macomber

Looking for a Hero: Marriage WantedMy Hero

by Debbie Macomber
4.5 stars – 27 reviews
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Two classic stories of finding love where you least expect it!
As far as Nash Davenport’s concerned, marriage isn’t shelter from the storm—it is the storm. He’s a divorce attorney, himself divorced, who believes no married couple can live up to their wedding vows. Savannah Charles, however, believes in the value—and the values—of marriage. She’s a wedding planner who finds herself saying yes when Nash unexpectedly proposes. Even though it’s strictly a business proposal…
Would-be romance writer Bailey York has already failed twice at love. She thinks men are wonderful to read and write about, but that’s it. Which is probably why she has such difficulty creating a hero for her novel. What she needs is a real-life example. She finds one in Parker Davidson—he’s everything a hero should be. Compellingly attractive. Forceful and determined, yet capable of tenderness. A man of substance. Parker is perfect as Bailey’s inspiration—but he wants to be the hero in her life, not just in her book!
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