TV screensavers are a thing and it’s actually pretty cool

Trouble falling asleep at night? Fall asleep to the crackling of a fire. Want to create a more serene, soothing space? Nothing says peace like water splashing on your screen. TV screensavers are a thing and it’s actually pretty cool. Here are three bestselling screensavers on Amazon:

Calm Fireplace TV

4.1 stars – 261 reviews

Price: 99 cents

Calm yourself down with the virtual view of relaxing fire place. See the amber flames as the logs burn and the shimmering light sets itself to the equilibrium. You can meditate easily with this perfect setting of the fire place and relaxing environment.

Waves on Screen – See the Water Splash on Your Screen

4.0 stars – 143 reviews

Price: 99 cents

Blue create a calm effect on your surrounding accompanied by the sound of water waves and waves splashing on your screen blesses you with the inner peace. Waves on screen is view of the blue water waves splashing on your screen. Select from multiple views to suit your mood. See the ocean spread as far as your vision goes and cliffs emerged creating a delightful view or view the shore as waves strike on it every now and then. You will feel like the water is just coming beneath your feet.

Peaceful Aquarium HD

3.4 stars – 283 reviews

Price: 99 cents

Convert your Fire TV, Tablet or Phone into a beautiful aquarium and turn up the ambience with Peaceful Aquarium HD. Peaceful Aquarium HD features multiple aquariums both offline and online.

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