Bargain Alert: Cozy Mystery Box Sets

These chilly fall days are the perfect time to curl up with a cozy mystery. These bargain-priced box sets will keep you turning virtual pages all month long.


Hope Hadley Eight Book Cozy Mystery Set (4.5/5 stars, currently priced at 99 cents)

Eight books for the price of one!

This bundle includes three brand new books that you can’t get anywhere else (Fame Is Murder, Murder Of A Yoga Instructor, Drowning In Deceit), one second edition novel (Fishing For Murder) and four backlist favorites (Killer Injustice, Murder Of A Restaurant Critic, Murder Of A Movie Producer, Deadpan Murder).

After losing both her job and her boyfriend, Hope Hadley trades Hollywood, California, for her hometown of Hollywood, Florida. Before she has a chance to piece her life back together, her best friend’s boyfriend is murdered. Even worse, the local police wrongfully suspect that her friend is the killer. Determined to clear her friend’s name, Hope sets out to find the real killer herself.


Mrs. Fix It Mysteries: The Complete 15-Books Cozy Mystery Series (4/5 stars, currently priced at 99 cents)

Kate Flaherty has a knack for fixing things…and getting caught in the middle of murder investigations.
Enjoy all of the following books in this collection:

The day Scott York returned to his hometown to become the new sheriff, his old high school girlfriend knew her life would be changed. Kate Flaherty is Rock Ridge’s handywoman. A mom struggling to put her twin boys through college, Kate takes every job she is offered…even the one that comes from Scott.

Against the warning of police Chief Scott York to stay uninvolved, Kate cannot help but search for the murderer at the request of a suspect she believes is innocent.

Another life has been unjustly taken. Her hometown has been threatened by anarchists. Kate’s husband is still missing. Mrs. Fixit is back and more determined than ever to solve Rock Ridge’s many mysteries.

Kate’s skills range from laying tiles to painting houses and everything in-between, but can she crack a burgeoning conspiracy that threatens to destroy RockRidge?

When resident handywoman, Kate Flaherty shows up at a house to attach a doorknob, she finds one of Rock Ridge’s finest dead on the floor.
Kate discovers the local baker dead in her car. It’s night. There’s no one around. And Cookie Halpert didn’t die of natural causes.

When a local ex-con with deep roots in this town winds up dead in the parking lot of Daisy’s diner, a world of trouble emerges that once again pits Kate against her Police Chief husband.

Another dead body turns up in Rock Ridge, this time in a quaint room at the local inn. Rather than call the police, the innkeeper, Amelia knows just who can fix this: Kate Flaherty.

When a plucky reporter by the name of Jenna Johansen is shot dead, it would seem the reporters aren’t just covering the news, but causing it. And Kate will have to use every tool in her kit to catch the killer.

The prison warden, Grant Conover has been shot in the head and when Kate barges into his office ready to demand answers she knows he can supply, she is struck with the irreparable truth: her son, Jason might very well end up behind bars.

Two calm years have passed since local handy woman, Kate Flaherty has seen a dead body, but all that changes when she’s hired to renovate an old Victorian house where a woman has lain dead in the foundation for the past fifteen years.

Seven months pregnant and muscling her way through a prolonged bout of coffee withdrawal, Kate Flaherty is making it work and couldn’t be happier. But when she stops in the local library and finds the grouchy librarian has been strangled dead, Kate’s world is suddenly pitched into a deadly game of cat and mouse.

As Kate investigates the strange circumstances surrounding her employee’s death, an unbelievable truth emerges, but if she tells her Police Chief husband, the next person to die could very well be her.

When Kate is hired to repair a roof for a brand new customer, she witnesses a brutal murder. Four houses down, a man is strangled to death by a masked assailant, and the handy woman of Rock Ridge is the only witness.

While Kate and her husband, Police Chief Scott York, are attending a fundraiser for the mayor’s upcoming election, a beautiful young woman is found dead in the coatroom and it becomes a scandal that could ruin the hardworking mayor.


Haunted House Mysteries – 7 Cozy Ghost Mysteries (4/5 stars, currently priced at 99 cents)

Love haunted old mansions and things that go bump in the night? You’ll love this quirky collection of ghost stories and murder mysteries!

CONTENT RATING – Mild to PG-13 – minimal violence and mild language, but there are some (mostly humorous) references to adult themes.

Included in this limited time, bargain-price Kindle Unlimited anthology:

Date With a Ghost in Colorado
Samantha Torres has come to Owl Bend, Colorado to forget her painful past. But trouble has followed her, and now she’s haunted by a ghost no one else can see.

Wisteria Witches
Zara Riddle moves to the town of Wisteria for a dream job as a librarian. She hasn’t even unpacked her moving boxes when she and her teen daughter, Zoey, are swept up in a murder mystery. With all the ghosts around, it’s a good thing the Riddle women are tougher than they look.

About Last Night
A delivery driver is hired to help a ghost hunter solve the mystery behind a haunted farmhouse. He discovers secrets about himself as well as a new career.

Zan West appears to be a regular teenaged boy, but he’s got a very strange magical power that keeps him from getting a girlfriend.

Return to Spiritdell
Zan West’s strange powers are always getting him into trouble, and this time he’s being asked to solve a murder. Ghosts and crows and secret books are everywhere!

All these & 2 More full-length novels feature spooky ghosts and things that go bump in the night!


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