Bargain Alert: Westerns

The following Kindle Westerns are all bestsellers, and as of this writing they’re all priced at just $3.99 each.


The Sixth Shotgun – Louis L’Amour (4/5 stars)

An original unrevised version of the classic early novel by the world’s most popular Western author. Also includes an original version of the short story “The Rider of the Ruby Hills.”

“The Sixth Shotgun” is Leo Carver’s story, and if the town of Canyon Gap has anything to say in the matter, it’s going to be a very short tale indeed, as Leo has been convicted of murdering two men and faces death by hanging.


Night Hawk: A Western Story – Stephen Overholser (4/5 stars)

All manner of folks journeyed West – swift and slow, young and old, town and country, straight and crooked. In those days the greenest greenhorn on a cattle ranch was usually a fresh-faced kid who had drifted West, a “maverick” cut loose from kin for one reason or another. On the Circle L Ranch that autumn the ramrod hired such a kid to work as wrangler by day and night hawk after sundown.

That scrawny kid booted off the train in Coalton was not so much lean and mean as he was just plain skin and bones. The kid was wound as tightly as a watch spring, and anyone who rode with him in those days will not soon forget him. The kid may have had a given name – some suspect him of being a criminal – but at the Circle L Ranch he is given the name “night hawk” and it sticks.

Night Hawk is certain to join that select company as one of his best, a story filled with drama, tension, and excitement.


Ambush Creek – Phil Dunlap (4/5 stars)

When U.S. Marshal Piedmont Kelly is asked by Cochise Sheriff John Henry Stevens to look into the suspicious activity of three unsavory bounty hunters, he rides into what looks like a battle’s aftermath, with bullet holes riddling a ranch house, but no sign of those engaged in the gunplay.

Kelly finds nothing to indicate that the mysterious rancher living there fit the description of the bounty hunters’ quarry, either. Kelly sets out to locate the missing man. Enlisting the tracking skills of his old friend Spotted Dog – the Chiricahua Apache whose life he once saved – they follow four horses from the rancher’s house all the way to Desert Belle, a dusty town that holds grim memories for Kelly.

They ride straight into a deadly game where $50,000, several lives, and the survival of the Gilded Lily mine are at stake.


River Range (Western Trio) – L.P. Holmes (4.5/5 stars)

Amazon Reviewer Charles Wheeler says:

When a cowboy says his partner is fit “to ride the river with” he is paying his friend a great compliment. This book deserves such a comment. River Range is a collection of three short novels by the master of the old west, L.P. Holmes, and the three stories in this book are no exceptions to his story telling worthiness.

The settings range from the high plains to the Colorado river; from cattle rustling to horse thieving; and with each tale there are characters you will love and love to hate. The richness and the true to life people in these stories are what makes an L.P. Holmes story worth reading.

These are people who could be your neighbors–the kind and helpful, the proud and willful, the decent who just want to be left alone. These are the stories of America, and not just of the old west. I highly recommend this book.


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