Amazon Video Spotlight: Pre-Order These Box Office Hits In Digital

Did you know that you can now order that movie you loved in the theater as soon as the day of its original, theatrical release? If you already know you intend to buy it when it’s released in digital, why not get your pre-order in now and enjoy the pleasant surprise when it pops up in your digital library? You won’t be charged for the purchase until the day of release, and that means you can cancel your order at any time prior to digital release day too.


Suicide Squad (4/5 stars, digital release date not yet set)



Finding Dory – Plus Bonus Content (4.5/5 stars, digital release date 10/25/16)



Star Trek Beyond (4.5/5 stars, digital release date 10/4/16)



Kubo and the Two Strings (4.5/5 stars, digital release date not yet set)


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