Bargain Alert: Classic Shorts In Audible Format

These classic short stories are just the thing for commute time, after-work decompression, or a lazy hour or two on a weekend afternoon, and all are currently (as of 9/12/16) priced at about a buck each—less if you’re an Audible member, with your automatic 30% discount.



The Most Dangerous Game (4.5/5 stars)

A mysterious island, shrouded in fear, evil, and darkness. Here the amoral General Zaroff hunts. And what, you ask, is the most dangerous game? It is the manner and substance of his nightly killings.

59 minutes.



The Mark of the Beast (4.5/5 stars)

When a carousing Englishman disgraces the consecrated effigy of Hanuman, a leprous “Silver Man” marks him with a hideous curse. The ensuing night brings new terrors to the house of the doomed man.

33 minutes.



Lot No. 249 (no reviews yet)

Unexplained events are happening at Oxford these days. Several students have been attacked at night by some strange form of wild animal. It can scale walls with cat-like agility. Its arms are as thin and as strong as steel bands. And there is one student who conducts midnight studies in his room with certain Egyptian artifacts. The most significant of which is a 6’7″ tall mummy.

1 hour, 18 minutes.



Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (5/5 stars)

In the mystical land of Arabia, there is secreted a magical door that opens with the command, “Open, Sesame!” Inside lays the plunder of a century of robbers and mercenaries. When Ali Baba witnesses 40 thieves open this door with the enchanted words, endless possibilities begin to unwind before him.

1 hour, 38 minutes.


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