FreeApp Spotlight: Here There Be Dragons!

If you love dragons and free stuff you’ve come on a great day, because all four of these dragon-themed apps are currently free!

Choice of the Dragon (4.5/5 stars, guidance suggested) – From Amazon:

A choose-your-own adventure interactive “book”.

Play as a fire-breathing dragon who sleeps on gold and kidnaps princesses for fun.

Choice of the Dragon is a free text-based game of multiple choice.

Dominate the local kingdom, loot and pillage, and inspire terror in the hearts of your enemies.


DragonVale (4.5/5 stars, all ages) – From Amazon:

“Just between you and me, dragon parks are pretty rad.” ~

Hatched a dragon lately? Play DragonVale and raise, feed and breed your own lovable dragons.

PLEASE NOTE! DragonVale is completely free to play, but some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases. DragonVale requires an internet connection to play (3G or WiFi).

ALSO NOTE! By playing DragonVale you may find yourself hopelessly addicted to hatching and caring for adorable dragons. You may find yourself feeding them treats, watching them grow, building and decorating their habitats, and inviting others in to view them in their floating island home. You may even find yourself choosing pairs for breeding, or racing dragons to compete for awesome prizes.



DragonVale is an enticing social experience from Backflip Studios that is sure to keep you entertained. You get:

– Dozens of adorable dragons to raise
– A magical island you build in the sky
– Custom habitats where dragons graze
– Dragon races where you win great prizes
– Paths and decorations to delight your visitors
– Farms to grow dragon treats
– Full-color visuals and sparkling animations
– An original Renaissance music soundtrack
– Support for Facebook to visit other parks and trade gifts


How to Draw Dragons (4.5/5 stars, guidance suggested) – From Amazon:

16 drawing lessons of dragons and beasts are grouped in this app!
Even pictures like a pokemon dragons, fire dragon and Air dragons can be drawn with ease!

Follow our step by step drawing instructions.

Draw at home or in school, use it for parties or classroom activities and competitions!

If you don’t have paper and pencil use our drawing tools: pencil, brush or rubber on your device!

• On screen draw mode. Now you can step by step draw right on your screen.

• Zoom mode – if your screen is not big enough than just zoom and keep drawing.

• Integrated rating system that assigns a level of difficulty: easy, normal, hard, and expert

• Each tutorial contains 10-30 precise steps!

• Share your creation with friends via email, Facebook, Skype and many more.


Dragon Slayer (4.5/5 stars, guidance suggested) – From Amazon:

The Dragon Slayers are hunting once again and you have answered the call. Dragon Slayer is a visually spectacular, magic-based combat game that is brought to you by the studio that brought you Blood & Glory and Blood & Glory: Legend.

Challenge massive dragons, wyverns, and reptiles as you traverse the map of the fantasy realm.

Cast deadly spells and avoid the flaming breath, bite, tail-whip and talons of the Dragon Bosses.



Equip magical gauntlets, cloak armor and pets to slay more dragons.

Cutting-edge graphics optimized for the latest devices

Journey through the Realm on the hunt to vanquish menacing Dragons.

Dragon Slayer is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items.


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