Audible DailyDeal: Wonders of the Invisible World

In Wonders of the Invisible World (5/5 stars, priced at $2.95 TODAY ONLY), a young man comes to grips with his orientation in a cursed land filled with ghosts and magic.

Aidan Lockwood lives in a sleepy farming town, day after unremarkable day.

But when Jarrod, his former best friend, suddenly moves back home, Aidan begins to see clearly for the first time—not only to feelings that go beyond mere friendship, but to a world that is haunted by the stories of his past.

Visions from this invisible world come to him unbidden: a great-grandfather on the field of battle; his own father, stumbling upon an unspeakable tragedy; and a mysterious young boy, whose whispered words may be at the heart of the curse that holds Aidan’s family in its grip.

Now, Aidan must find his way between the past and the present to protect those he loves, and to keep the invisible world at bay.

Stonewall Honor Winner

★ “The unpredictability of curses, magic, and love are inexorably entwined in this gracefully written story.” —Publishers Weekly, Starred

“The complexity of the pairing of real and the unreal . . . is striking, and rather haunting.” —

“A wonder itself—a coming-of-age, coming-out, and crossing-into-the-mystic novel all rolled into one.” —Tom McNeal, National Book Award finalist for Far Far Away


Click here to get Wonders of the Invisible World.


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