MMA light-heavyweight phenom Rafe Maddox goes on a reality dating show to win the ultimate prize in
One Last Fight (The One Last Fight Series Book 1) by Ava Ashley

One Last Fight (The One Last Fight Series Book 1)

by Ava Ashley

One Last Fight (The One Last Fight Series Book 1)
4.5 stars – 70 Reviews
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Here’s the set-up:

A troubled fighter. A girl with a dark past. One last chance.

When a motorcycle collision forces MMA light-heavyweight phenom Rafe Maddox to take a break from training, his manager convinces him to spend that time making a name for himself outside the ring. Which is how he finds himself in the last place he ever expected to be: a reality dating show.

Lily Sullivan is no stranger to regret. But breaking Rafe Maddox’s heart was the biggest mistake she’s ever made, and one she’s desperate to make right.

Only Rafe refuses to talk to her.

When Rafe agrees to be the bachelor on a reality dating show, Lily knows it’s her last chance to try to win him back. She hopes their time together will remind him of what they once had, but with each encounter it becomes clearer that the only thing stronger than their attraction to each other is Rafe’s determination to shut her out.

But no one said the fights worth winning are easy, and this time they’re fighting for the ultimate prize: his heart.

Amazon Five Star Reviews:

I really like the story of Lily an Rafe, dislike very much how guilt kept them apart. Laugh about the similarities with the TV show “The Bachelor” but like all the little twist. It will leave you hanging and waiting anxiously for the next book, so if you don’t like series, beware. Ava Ashely is an amazing author, I recommend anyone to give her a chance, her stories will captivate you and make you want to wait for the read of the story to continue…

I love this story. Can’t wait for the next part. Rafe and Lily’s story I sad in some parts but exciting in others. She won’t back down and he wants to fight to not like her. You will enjoy the book if you love romance!! Great job Ava!!!

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