Kids on Fire Audiobook Spotlight: Scarlett Johansson Reads Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

Here’s a treat for young and old alike: a literary classic read to you by a gifted performer.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (4/5 stars on Amazon, 4.7/5 stars on Audible, currently priced at $9.95 or 1 Audible credit)

Golden Globe nominee Scarlett Johansson (Lost in Translation, Girl with a Pearl Earring) brings a palpable sense of joy and exuberance to her performance of Lewis Carroll’s enduring classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. From the White Rabbit and Mad Hatter to the Cheshire Cat and Queen of Hearts, she imbues each madcap character with a distinct voice and personality that will leave a lasting impression long after the adventure is over.

One hundred and fifty years after its original publication, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland remains one of the most widely read, deconstructed, referenced, and reinterpreted works of Western fiction. It tells the story of the young and imaginative Alice, who grows weary of her storybook, one “without pictures or conversations”, and follows a hasty hare underground – to come face to face with a host of strange and fantastic characters.

One Audible reviewer says:
“Wow!! When Audible says “Scarlett Johansson performs” this brilliant classic, they’re not kidding!! I expected, when I pre-ordered this title, simply a competent reading of one of the all-time great satires of Victorian England. Instead I received this incredible tour-de-force, a veritable one-woman play in which Ms. Johansson acts out all characters singlehandedly and nearly flawlessly…”


Click here to get Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.


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