Series Spotlight: The Medieval Mysteries of Brother Cadfael

The bestselling Chronicles of Brother Cadfael series spans 21 novels and a BBC television show starring Derek Jacobi. This very popular series of crime mysteries take place in the most unlikely setting, and star a most unlikely protagonist: the monk, Brother Cadfael.

For those who’d like to jump right into the series, Cadfael star Derek Jacobi also narrates the 4.7/5 star -rated (rating as shown on the Audible site) The Adventures of Brother Cadfael: A Collection of Chronicles Audible audiobook collection, which includes abridged readings of 6 Cadfael mysteries (The Summer of the Danes, Brother Cadfael’s Penance, The Heretic’s Apprentice, Monk’s Hood, The Potter’s Field, Saint Peter’s Fair) and is currently priced at 1 Audible credit or $29.38 for Audible members, and $41.97 for non-members. If you’re not already a member, this would be a great pick to start a free Audible trial: try Audible and get two free audiobooks.

If you prefer the Kindle books, there are plenty to choose from and some are even bargain-priced as of this writing.


A Morbid Taste for Bones – The Chronicles of Brother Cadfael Book 1 (4.5/5 stars, currently priced at $1.99)

On an expedition to acquire a saint’s remains, Brother Cadfael instead finds intrigue and murder

It is 1137, and the ambitious head of Shrewsbury Abbey wishes to acquire the remains of Saint Winifred for the glory of his Benedictine order. Brother Cadfael is part of the expedition sent to the saint’s final resting place in Wales, where he finds the villagers divided over the Benedictines’ quest.

When the leading opponent to moving the grave is shot dead with a mysterious arrow, some believe Winifred herself delivered the blow. Brother Cadfael knows that an earthly hand did the killing. But he doesn’t know that his plan to root out a murderer may dig up a case of love and justice, where the waves of sin may be scandal—or his own ruin.


One Corpse Too Many – The Chronicles of Brother Cadfael Book 2 (4.5/5 stars, currently priced at $2.99)

An ingenious killer disposes of a strangled corpse on a battlefield.

Brother Cadfael discovers the body, and must then piece together disparate clues–including a girl in boy’s clothing, a missing treasure and a single flower–to expose a murderer’s black heart.


Monk’s Hood – The Chronicles of Brother Cadfael Book 3 (4.5/5 stars, currently priced at $2.99)

When a visitor to the abbey dies, Brother Cadfael faces a personal drama.

For not only was the man poisoned by monk’s hood oil, made in Cadfael’s own laboratory, the dead man’s widow is also the woman to whom Cadfael was betrothed before he took his vows.


Click here to browse the full Brother Cadfael series in Kindle format.


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