#BargainPriced Books To Help You Understand Your Canine Companions

Gregory Berns’ bestselling How Dogs Love Us is featured in today’s Kindle Daily Deal (priced at $1.99 TODAY ONLY), and here some more great titles at great prices that explore the human-canine bond and dog-caregiver relationship.

Listening to Dogs: How to Be Your Own Training Guru (4.5/5 stars, currently priced at $2.99)

Jon Katz, the New York Times bestselling author of The Dogs of Bedlam Farm, takes a bracing look at the booming industry of dog training, which he dubs “a catastrophe in America.”

Listening to Dogs is not a training book; it is an empowerment book. In it, Katz asks dog owners to stop before reaching for the latest training manual or watching the latest TV show, and to invest that time designing their own personal training programs for their and their dog’s individual needs.

Why pay for a dog training guru when you can be your own for free?


All Dogs Have a Purpose: How Dogs Love us Every Day (4/5 stars, for children, currently priced at 99 cents)

Do You Know Your Dog’s Purpose?

All dogs have a purpose and been domesticated and bred for thousands of years for many tasks. They were used early on for hunting and herding animals. Today they help us in the areas of rescue, security, and medical therapy. There are many reasons why dogs have become known as man’s best friend. Dogs are incredibly loyal and will lay down their lives to defend and protect their loved ones.

Do we appreciate our dogs enough?

Dogs are everywhere. Almost everyone owns a dog or knows someone who does. Yet do we really appreciate how important they are in our lives? Learn more about dog breeds and how we use their many talents to help us every day. See how dogs show their love for us by happily doing what they are bred for with devotion and loyalty.

Pick up this informative book for your child today.


Anti-Aging Tips for Dogs (4/5 stars, currently priced at 99 cents)

Susan Garrett’s Anti-Aging Tips ebook provides tips and training advice to help keep your dog “forever young”. Longevity is a priority when enjoying our dogs, and you will see in this educational ebook there are many tips, hints and dog training activities that can help your dog stay young! Susan Garrett’s has owned 6 dogs that have lived well into their teenaged years. Recently “Buzz” Susan’s oldest Border Collie helped ring in his 18th New Years Eve celebration.

Anti-Aging Tips for Dogs is a collection of articles written to help dog owners 1) keep your young dogs healthy as they age and 2)To keep an older dog comfortable well into their teenaged years.
It is a resource that should be in the library of ever dog owner world wide!

Author Susan Garrett is not only a multi time world champion in the sport of dog agility but also has been recognized by the “Dog Writers of America” for her award winning book “Shaping Success, The Education of an Unlikely Champion”


The Story of Rose: A Man and His Dog (5/5 stars, currently priced at $2.99)

From the acclaimed author of A Good Dog, Dog Days, and Going Home comes this eBook original—a poignant memoir that celebrates Jon Katz’s beloved border collie, Rose, and their transformative years together on Bedlam Farm.

“I like to say you get the dog you need,” Jon Katz writes, “and I don’t think any human ever needed a dog more than I needed Rose in the fall of 2003.” That year, Katz embarked on a quixotic quest, moving from the suburbs of New Jersey to a sprawling farm in upstate New York to pursue his dream of becoming a writer. And by his side was Rose, his unswervingly loyal and unflappable new dog.

Whether herding sheep on the rolling hillsides, rounding up the neighbors’ stray cows, or rescuing lambs on a freezing winter night, Rose had a nimble mind and a great love for work. Never wanting to be coddled, she watched over Bedlam Farm with singular focus and efficiency, protecting Katz and his menagerie from wild coyotes and menacing storms. Yet Rose saved Katz in more ways than he ever imagined. As he struggled to manage the farm’s daily dramas—and continued to seek his true sense of purpose—Rose connected him to his deeper humanity and a more authentic life.

With warmth, insight, and emotional honesty, Jon Katz has written a joyful remembrance of a one-of-a-kind dog. The Story of Rose reaffirms the profound bond people share with their pets, and the ways that animals indelibly shape our lives.

“Jon Katz understands dogs as few others do, intuitively and unburdened by sentimentality. . . . With wisdom and grace, he unlocks the canine soul and the complicated wonders that lie within and offers powerful insights.”—John Grogan, author of Marley & Me

Includes moving excerpts from Going Home, and from Jon Katz’s upcoming short-story collection, Dancing Dogs.


A Life Worth Living (4.5/5 stars, currently priced at 99 cents)

A short story for dog lovers, this touching memoir of a shelter dog shares his experiences in his own voice, taking readers from his days of abuse, to the shelter, to a home filled with love.

Follow him on this extraordinary journey and fall in love with a new hero.

Note: ALL proceeds will be donated to the local animal shelter.


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