Kids on Fire: 25 Kindle Kids’ Books For $1 Each

Last call for this month’s 25 Kindle Kids’ Books for $1 Each: this sale ends at the end of the month. With picture books for the 3-5 year old set, early reader books for kids aged 6-8 and chapter books for 9-12 year olds, this sale has something for everyone! The sale includes such titles as:

The Adventures of Benny (4.5/5 stars, ages 9-12)

As Benny goes on five adventures that take him from the woods behind his house to the pyramids of Egypt, he comes face to face with a host of bad guys—pirates, a mummy, and even his very own Booger-Man! And what about all those monkeys?

Join Benny on these wild adventures as he confronts all things hilarious and grotesque. Black-and-white art on every spread of the book will appeal to reluctant readers as well as fans of comics, graphic novels, and illustrated novels.


Flamingo Sunset (4.5/5 stars, ages 6-8)

In this introduction to one of nature’s most gorgeous birds, young readers will experience the life cycle of the flamingo. First the female lays an egg at the water’s edge.

Then she and her mate take turns sitting on the egg to keep it warm. Eventually, a sticky head peeks out! Then the parents feed the wobbly chick and watch him grow…until he’s ready to fly and start his own life as an adult bird.

Jonathan London’s spare, poetic text and Kristina Rodanas’s spectacular pencil and watercolor artwork create a wonderful tribute to this beautiful bird.

An author’s note at the end of the book provides more information about the life cycle of the flamingo.


Me and My Big Mouse (4/5 stars, ages 3-5)

Me and My Big Mouse!

Even though “my big mouse” is lovable, he can also be annoying.

Like sticking too close. Having bad breath. And shouting “Squeak-a-boo” when friends come over.

So how can a boy get his adoring pet to change without hurting his feelings?


The Case of the Purloined Professor (4.5/5 stars, ages 9-12)

Frederick and Ishbu live in Miss Dove’s classroom, where they learn–and eat–to their hearts’ content.

But one fateful evening Natasha arrives with disturbing news: her father, a famous professor and scientist, has gone missing!

For the second time in their lives, the rats embark on a worldwide journey.

They travel the globe to save their friend and meet such colorful characters as a secret clan of badgers, two vicious rat terriers, and a stuffy English show mouse.

It’s another whirlwind adventure they’ll never forget!


Click here to browse the full selection of 25 Kindle Kids’ Books For $1 Each.


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