Kids on Fire: A Fifth Grader’s Review of The Thing About Georgie

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The Thing About Georgie


Savannah’s Review:
This book is about a dwarf named Georgie. This book is about his life and how different it is from ours. I love how this book shows a dwarf’s differences and similarities to other people. Georgie’s everyday life is similar to ours in many ways, but also very different. Georgie can do all of the classwork that most kids are able to do. However, he is different because he can’t hold a pencil the same as we can and in 4th grade he is the height of the average kindergartener.

Educational Value:
This book was very educational by teaching you a lot about a dwarf’s life and how special they are in so many ways. Being a dwarf doesn’t mean you can’t focus and do most school work, it just means that you are made special, and you deserve to be treated special. I love how this book makes you look at people with a different perspective. It’s what is on the inside of a person that counts.

Entertainment Value:
This book was quite entertaining. I loved how at the beginning of most chapters they had you try things that Georgie couldn’t do, for example the book had you measure some things in your room (bed, chairs, desk, etc.). The book told you how much shorter everything had to be for Georgie, than it does for you.

Teacher Name:
Julie Treadwell


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