Kids on Fire: A 5th Grader Reviews The Misadventures of Maude March

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The Misadventures of Maude MarchOm’s Review:

Maude and Sallie’s aunt just died [accidentally] and a friend of hers takes them in. The girls stay there for a few weeks and then realize that they are taking advantage of them and are making them do all the work. So they decide to run away to Independence, where they will search for their Uncle Arlen. But they will have to steal some supplies along the way and become wanted criminals. Along the way, Sallie realizes that Maude and herself are not just sisters, but also cold-blooded killers.


Educational Value:
I think this book is educational because it uses big words so that the reader really has to think about what he is reading.

Entertainment Value:
I think this book is entertaining because it creates a lot of suspense so that the reader will always be thinking,” What will happen next?”

Teacher Name:
Julie Treadwell



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