The true story of how Reno’s Mob turned the city into a profitable gaming center … or a “Sodom and Gomorra.”
Mob City (Reno) By Al Moe – 99 cents for a limited time!

Mob City (Reno)

by Al Moe

4.7 stars – 6 Reviews
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Here’s the set-up:

Reno was the first US city to fully embrace its destiny as a gaming capital, and even before gaming was legalized in 1931 the city was the one place gangsters from Chicago and the Midwest wanted to go for safety, sanctuary, and of course the booze, the broads, and the banking services to launder their kidnapping and hold-up loot.

Bank robbers like Alvin Karpis, kidnappers like Ma Barker and her sons, and even “Baby Face” Nelson came to stay, play, and enjoy the show.

Reno had it all, and they had their own Mob who controlled the vices, legal or otherwise. Eventually Lucky Luciano, Tony Accardo, Sam Giancana and others took note, and joined the easy profits and the skim in Reno. This is the true story. The story of four men who ran things with no remorse. Coercion, arson, murder…………

This is a fun, easy-reading book, not as detailed about Goldfield and Tonopah as “The Roots of Reno.” Mob City: Reno centers on the gangs, the swindles, and the casinos. Enjoy!

5-Star Amazon Reviews

“Mob City by Al Moe is a good descriptive history of the rise of the mafia in Reno, Nevada. I enjoyed reading this book and learning how the mob infiltrated Reno. The book also shows how in many ways the mob made Reno.”

“Regardless if your opinion of organized crime you will find this book fascinating and exciting…”

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