App Spotlight: Get Ready For Sochi With Info Navigator for Winter Games

The winter Olympic games run from February 6 – 23 of this year, and if you’re a fan you’ll want to check out this FREE app!

Info Navigator for Winter Games (4.5/5 stars, guidance suggested, currently FREE) – Note that the screenshot below is from the app’s coverage of the 2012 Summer Games, but it has the same functions available for this year’s Winter Games.

NON-Profit. NO Ads! Free! App Follows the Winter Olympics, Paralympics. Also: Special Olympics, Pro-sports 365 days/year. Tentative Sochi Events schedule (days). Pre-programmed maps of 2014 winter games event locations and events of the last summer games (London 2012). @OlympicNav twitter feed updates all year long, providing a one-stop sports news summary when you do not have much time to spare. It is human selected and it runs during and between Olympic games.

Provided FREE by Professor Kenneth P. Mitton, Ph.D., Sports fan and eye disease scientist at Oakland University’s Eye Research Institute, Rochester Michigan. Uses your Kindle’s Android system Navigation and Browser to keep the memory requirement low. Please share this App with your friends.

Note: This is not an IOC sponsored application. The naming format of the application has been vetted by the IOC’s legal office (International Olympic Committee) to comply with their trademark rights. We thank that office for their assistance with this issue. Support your Olympic athletes!

• Follow the Winter Olympics on your Kindle Fire.
• Schedules and Android powered maps of event locations.
• Links to quickly find main broadcast winter games websites.
• @OlympicNav Twitter Feed of sports information 365 days/year.
• Free, NO-ads, non-profit, a gift from a University Professor to everyone.

One Amazon reviewer says:

“This is a great way to navigate the Olympics in so hi this year. Everything is organized and it’s an easy app to navigate. The Olympics haven’t even started yet and the schedule for all of the events are already up with dates and time. Again a very well organized app that allows you to navigate Sochi 2014!”

Info Navigator for Winter Games – get it today, and have everything you could want to know about the Winter Games at your fingertips!


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  1. Hello. This app was recently updated with a newer higher resolution program Icon, and its internal instructions updated too. Please enjoy and pass on. It will stay Ad-free and stay free.

    Dr Mitton

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