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November 22, 2013

Sealed In

by Jacqueline Druga

24 Rave Reviews
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Here’s the set-up:

Following a distress call from the state police, Dr. Edward Neil and his team from the Centers for Disease Control enter the small town of Hartworth, Montana. Immediately they encounter a man in a pickup truck holding a quarantine post. His body decimated by a disease like they have never seen. The entire town, population a little under a thousand … dead. Men, women and children. The unknown germ hit so fast, the town did not stand a chance of survival. But it didn’t hit so fast that they couldn’t shut down and protect others from what they had.

It is a race against the clock. Not only must Edward Neil discover what wiped out the small town in just a couple days, he needs to determine if it crossed boundaries. The germ is strong, contagious, deadly and fast. If it escaped Hartworth, humanity could very well face an extinction level event.

Author Jacqueline Druga, recently appeared on the History Channel as an authority on terrorism and germ warfare. She discussed the topic of this book on Brad Meltzer, 2012: The End is Now.

5-Star Amazon Reviews

“This is another apocalyptic thriller from a writer who has given us so many magnificent stories already. Sealed In takes us from the discovery of the biothreat and its a wild ride to the finish line from there…”

“Another thumbs up for another excellent read from Jacqueline Druga! As I followed the twists and turns of the characters,I cried,had chills,and could see this happening right before my eyes! To borrow a phrase “all due to stupidity”! Read it!”

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