Kids on Fire Bargain Alert: $1.99 Picture Books

This month’s list of Kindle Books For $3.99 or Less includes some terrific picture books, all priced at just $1.99 each!

Don’t Wake Up The Bear! (4.5/5 stars)

It’s a cold, snowy night, and a big, soft bear sleeps soundly in his cave. A small hare wanders by, and since his ears are so cold, he snuggles up in the bear’s cozy den. Before long, a fox comes along with the same idea.

“You may come in,” says the hare, “but don’t wake up the bear!” As the night wears on, the nest of sleeping animals expands until a mouse with a cold curls up right in the bear’s ear-and wakes him up with a loud sneeze!

Warm, playful illustrations and a repeating refrain make this bedtime book perfect for year-round reading.


When We Go Walking (4.5/5 stars)

Wendy and her exuberant family of walkers discover new things on Rambling Road every day in all kinds of weather. No one keeps the things they find except for Wendy: numbers and letters, ribbon and string, a bucket, a ball, a wheel from a wagon. But what will she do with all this stuff?

One snowy day when no one can go walking, Wendy uses her treasure trove of found objects to create her own special version of Rambling Road for her family to share and celebrate.

Full of surprises on every page, this is a book that will inspire young readers to walk, discover and create on their own.


1-2-3 Va-Va-Vroom (4.5/5 stars)

Lap One! Checkered flag. Seatbelt strapped! Helmet snapped! Screeching down the lane!

Three kids imagine themselves driving on a racetrack in superfast cars. They zoom around 10 laps, counting toward the finish. Along the way, they Smash! Crash! and Splash! . . . until they scream down the lanes for their final lap.

Who will reach the finish line first?

The rhyming text and bright digital illustrations bright to life this exciting race. Get in your car, and let’s race! Va-va-vroom!


The Tyrannosaurus Game (4/5 stars)

Rain! Rain! Rain! The kids at school are bored . . . until Jimmy dreams up a game for them to play.

He’ll start a story and pass it on to Ava, who will pass it on to Susan. The story will travel around the classroom until all the kids have a chance to add to the story.

So, Jimmy starts: “Last Saturday, I was eating breakfast, when all of a sudden a Tyrannosaurus came crashing through the window. And then what happens?”

S.D. Schindler’s delightful watercolor illustrations provide delicious details as twelve children and a Tyrannosaurus romp through the pages.


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