3M Streaming Projector With Roku, 43% Off Today Only

You know you can watch Amazon Instant Videos on your Kindle Fire, and you probably also know you can watch them on your internet-ready TV, or on other types of TVs through the use of other internet-ready video equipment like a Roku box, videogame console (e.g., XBOX 360, Wii), various DVRs and related items. But with today’s Gold Box deal item, the 3M Streaming Projector With Roku Streaming Stick, you can also project your Instant Videos and other streaming video content on a large projection screen, a wall, or even the ceiling! See the review excerpts near the end of this post for one purchaser’s experience using this device instead of buying a second TV.

3M Streaming Projector Powered by Roku (4/5 stars, normally priced at $299.99, priced at $139.99 today only as a Gold Box deal – while supplies last) – From Amazon:

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Project your favorite streaming entertainment on the big screen with the 3M Streaming Projector Powered by Roku.
Experience your favorite online entertainment on the big screen with instant cinema. Let the magic of projection bring your friends and family together like never before. Enjoy your favorite movies and shows 120” across — easily two times the size of your television. Made using the same technology found in movie theater projectors, it delivers a stunning picture. It’s time to turn your entertainment into an epic event.

The power of Roku gives you almost unlimited viewing options. Just turn it on and project your Amazon Instant Video, Netflix*, Hulu PLUS* and other favorites on any surface. A big wall in the living room, the side of your garage or the basement ceiling. Anywhere you have WiFi. Project shows and movies for a theater-like experience no one will forget. *(Membership may be required for some content.)

Wireless makes it limitless.
Your streaming projector comes with a Roku Streaming Stick that allows you to stream your favorite movies and shows. Connect to your wireless internet and get the show on the road. Literally. The rechargeable battery runs for up to 2.5 hours (on eco mode) between charges, so the world is your theater.

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Amazon reviewers say:

“I bought this by mistake…but my grandchildren absolutely love it and have so much fun finding new places to watch their favorite shows. They are looking forward to warmer weather so they may utilize the exterior brick. What a wonderful mistake!”

“We have 1 tv, and do not pay for cable. I wanted a way to watch movies downstairs but my husband and I didn’t want to buy a tv and then some sort of furniture to support it. We did not want our tv to become the center of our living room…So glad we got this instead of a 2nd tv…We adore it, we adore it, we adore it…Super easy to set up, super easy to use…I set it on a box on my bed and it takes up half the wall and we all snuggle in bed and watch movies, I’ve even projected it in the bathroom and in closets. Yes its hard to see in bright light, yes its hard to see if you don’t have curtains and its a sunny day. This doesn’t bother me at all and for the price I can totally deal with it. Its easy to fix by getting up and walking into a room with less windows.”

“Other reviews talk about the following items which do not bother us: I felt that I had no problems with the sharpness, its sharp enough, no problems with the brightness, its bright enough in particular at night, and no cons with the sound, it does the job.”

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