Today’s Kindle Daily Deal For Kids Is All About Snow

The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter’s Wonder is today’s Kindle Daily Deal for kids, priced at $1.99 today only. This book has an average review rating of 5/5 stars, is recommended for grades Preschool and up, and features Kindle Text Pop-up For Picture Books.

How do snow crystals form? What shapes can they take? Why do star-shaped snow crystals usually have six arms? Are no two snow crystals alike? These questions and more are answered inside this exploration of the science of snow, featuring photos of real snow crystals in all their beautiful diversity. Perfect for reading on winter days, this book by a nature photographer and a snow scientist will inspire wonder and curiosity about the marvels of snow. And for those inspired to collect and study their own snow crystals, there are snow-crystal-catching instructions in the back.

Teachers may also find this free study guide for the book, from BookIt!, (provided in pdf format) helpful when using this book in the classroom.


Along with Snowflake Bentley, Jacqueline Briggs Martin’s charming 1998 biography of the Vermont photographer who documented the uniqueness of snowflakes in the 19th century, this book will instill appreciation for these tiny, cool objects.

With never a hint of hyperbole, the authors communicate such a contagious sense of wonder that few readers will be able to resist following the final pages’ simple directions for constructing a handheld snowflake observation stage and rushing outside at the first sign of snow in hopes of taking a closer look at one of nature’s most beautiful and ubiquitous phenomena.

Nature photographer Cassino’s galley of snow crystals is the sort of riveting exhibition that will have eyes locked to the pages, mesmerized by the intricate forms themselves and the ‘How did he do that?’ wonder at Cassino’s technique of capturing images of these ephemeral delicacies.

Thought you knew it all about snowflakes? Settle down in a comfy chair, and prepare to revise your inner database….By the end, you’ll be hoping there’s a day when you can follow the careful directions for catching and viewing snow crystals.

The clear and direct narrative takes readers into the clouds to explain snow-crystal formation…and then zooms in on the actual crystals. Sure to get young scientists outside in the cold, particularly as it helpfully includes crystal-catching instructions.


The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter’s Wonder – get it today, while it’s just $1.99!


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