Kids on Fire: 4th Grade Student Reviews A to Z Mysteries: The Kidnapped King (A to Z Mystery)

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Alaya’s Review:

In this story, a prince has to come and stay with Dink because the prince’s father has gone missing and the kids realized that the prince is not used to doing things on his own. Sammi has no clothes so Dink is being nice and gives Sammi sweet pants to play with the kids. Sammi is allergic to dogs and Dink’s pet guinea pig named Loretta. Sammi tells Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose that his father is missing. Sammi starts crying, so Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose try to cheer him up.The prince also goes missing and Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose must find the dad and the prince. But they are able to do it!

I think the book was sad and happy. Sad because the prince’s father went missing. It was happy because they found them. That’s why the book was so good.

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