Kids on Fire: 7th Grader, Jill, Reviews Watched by Cindy M. Hogan

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Jill’s Review:

I am telling all of my friends to read Watched. Even boys would like this book even though the main character is a girl. You are hooked immediately!! It all starts with a field trip to Washington D.C. that Cristy hopes will change how she is. She doesn’t have friends at home and is bullied by students at school. Her family doesn’t pay a lot of attention to her because she is always sooooo good! I wanted to know more about her life at home. I also wanted to know more about her life at school. I got really aggravated when she made stupid decisions. The “duh” moment is what I call it. You know if you sneak out at night something is going to happen and someone is going to get hurt or in trouble. So why would she continue sneaking out after what happened the very first time.

Education Value: 4 out 5 – I used my context clues to figure out new words that I did not understand. All of the characters could be identified with character traits. Cristy was nice and kind. She was honest and did not want to hurt her friend’s feelings. Summer was the mean girl type. She made fun of Cristy in front of others and gave her dirty looks. She was all about Summer! She only thought about how she looked and if everyone was paying attention to her.

Entertainment Value: 3 out of 5 – here were 3 things that I did not like about the story. 1.) It was hard to remember all of the characters in the story. I kept getting confused with who was who. 2.) I did not like how low her self-esteem was. She was always nervous and doubting herself. 3.) I did not like how she was “in like” with Rick and Alex. I kept waiting for there to be a bet between them on who could kiss her first or something but there never was. Leave the love triangles for adult books.

I really liked Watched. I was “into the book” in the very 1st chapter. I even went to bed early (8:00p.m) so that I could read my book and was surprised when I would look at the clock and it would be 3 hours later!!

Device on Which This Book Was Read: Kindle

Date Review Filed: 6/30/12

Teacher Name: Julie Treadwell


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