Magazines on the Kindle Fire – a Video Post

Many magazine publishers have made their digital editions available to print subscribers at no extra cost, and most of them are available for your Kindle Fire. Even if you don’t get the print edition of a magazine you like, you’ll probably find the digital edition costs considerably less than its print counterpart.

The video post embedded below demonstrates magazines on the Kindle Fire (Entertainment Weekly, specifically), and addresses how to access free, digital editions versus subscribing to a digital edition alone.

If you have any difficulty viewing the video embedded below, you can view it on the YouTube site here.

Click here to browse the Kindle Newsstand, where you can purchase individual, digital edition magazines and newspapers, or subscribe. But remember, if you want to access the free, digital edition that comes with a print magazine you already subscribe to, DON’T LOOK FOR IT IN THE KINDLE STORE NEWSSTAND DEPARTMENT.  For free digital editions, go to the App store Newsstand and search for your magazine there.


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