App Spotlight: Travel Apps

Trip Advisor

Whether you’re deciding where to stay, what to do, how to get there, or how to get the best price, there’s a Kindle Fire app for that!

Let’s kick things off with the venerable Trip Advisor, now available in convenient app form. This is a great, multi-function app that’s FREE and carries an average review rating of 4.2/5 stars across 12 reviews. From Amazon:

Looking to plan the perfect trip? Or are you a local trying to find something new to do in your home city? TripAdvisor is your answer. The popular website is now available to you through your smartphone. Search by city, and TripAdvisor gives you a listing of dozens of hotels, with ratings, reviews, rates, and locations. Find restaurants and activities, everything from spas and landmarks to gambling and shopping. Check up on airfares to your destination, or read the TripAdvisor forums about particular regions by topic. If you have a location detector, you can click the “Near Me Now” button to find hotels, restaurants, and activities near your current location. Whatever it is you want to do, if it’s travel or entertainment-related, TripAdvisor has you covered!

HotelTonight – Last Minute Deals on Hotels is pretty self-explanatory, and also FREE!

The multi-function Kayak website comes to your Fire in the form of the FREE Kayak Mobile App. From Amazon:

Traveling abroad and in need of a hotel room at the last minute? Ready to take off for your long-anticipated tropical vacation and want to monitor your flight times? Worried about delays, gate changes, and cancellations due to severe storms? Lost in a foreign country and desparately in need of a map? Run into an emergency with no money? Sounds like you could use a little help.

Travel with Ease

Kayak Mobile connects you to Kayak’s travel website. Never again be at a loss for all things travel-related. Find the right flight. Get the perfect hotel. If your flight is canceled, be the first to know, and find a new one with the tap of the finger. Compare travel sites in one search when booking your flight, hotel, or car rental. Keep track of your flight, hotel, and car reservations when you are on the move. Be notified of flight delays or gate changes. At airports, access maps of restaurants and ATMs in the area.

You never need to be worried or frustrated–or lost–again. Everything you need is in a single app. From helping you plan your trip and purchase tickets to ensuring that you are safe, relaxed, and happy during your trip. And if you hit a snag, it can help you adjust on the fly. Traveling doesn’t need to be a chore.

Kayak Mobile is here to make travel planning and management easy, so you can focus on enjoying the trip.

Little Apps brings Cruise Vacation Planner and Baby Travel Planner to the Fire for 99 cents each. Both of these apps include tips, checklists, the ability to create your own checklists, notes and alarms, and more.

Who knew your Kindle Fire could be your vacation planner and travel agent, too?


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