Amazon Unveils Its April List Of 100 Kindle Books For $3.99 Or Less

A new month means a new list of 100 Kindle books, each priced at $3.99 or less!

If you’re pining away for the HBO series Boardwalk Empire, you might want to take a look at Boardwalk of Dreams. From Amazon:

In this wide-ranging book, Bryant Simon does far more than tell a nostalgic tale of Atlantic City’s rise, near death, and reincarnation. He turns the depiction of middle-class vacationers into a revealing discussion of the boundaries of public space in urban America. In the past, he argues, the public was never really about democracy, but about exclusion. During Atlantic City’s heyday, African Americans were kept off the Boardwalk and away from the beaches. The overly boisterous or improperly dressed were kept out of theaters and hotel lobbies by uniformed ushers and police. The creation of Atlantic City as the “Nation’s Playground” was dependent on keeping undesirables out of view unless they were pushing tourists down the Boardwalk on rickshaw-like rolling chairs or shimmying in smoky nightclubs.

Desegregation overturned this racial balance in the mid-1960s, making the city’s public spaces more open and democratic, too open and democratic for many middle-class Americans, who fled to suburbs and suburban-style resorts like Disneyworld. With the opening of the first casino in 1978, the urban balance once again shifted, creating twelve separate, heavily guarded, glittering casino worlds walled off from the dilapidated houses, boarded-up businesses, and lots razed for redevelopment that never came. Tourists are deliberately kept away from the city’s grim reality and its predominantly poor African American residents. Despite ten of thousands of buses and cars rolling in every day, gambling has not saved Atlantic City or returned it to its glory days.

Jeffrey Archer fans: this month’s list also includes A Matter of Honor and  The Prodigal Daughter.

Cooks and other food fans, you might like Don’t Try This at Home: Culinary Catastrophes from the World’s Greatest Chefs or In the Kitchen with A Good Appetite: 150 Recipes and Stories About the Food You Love.

There are 95 more Kindle books to choose from on this month’s list of bargains, and you can view the whole list here.





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